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Decluttering your life is a big part of getting to your “What’s Next

Updated: May 1, 2020

I would often tell my kids, as they grew up, that they were always just one decision away from changing their lives, and that they should always think beyond where they were at that present time and choose their next steps wisely. I want to offer that same advice to you. The road to “What’s Next?” can be both revealing and enjoyable, if you truly open up and embrace the journey. It is a journey that starts with self-reflection and maybe some hard decisions. And you must start by taking stock of your current place in life.

When trying to answer the question “What’s Next?”, you will need to do some homework. That homework begins with decluttering. (I know... when you hear the word decluttering you probably think of cleaning, but if you will stick with me, the term may take on new meaning for you.) 

Eliminate Emotional Clutter

First, you must deal with emotional clutter. This could be anything from childhood trauma to present challenges and issues. By no means am I certified to address emotional issues, but I do know this is where you start.

Remove Physical Clutter

Next, there is the physical clutter. Dealing with emotional clutter will sometimes help with the attachment we have to some of the physical clutter. Here’s a tip: don’t clean what you can declutter. (I have a list of referrals to help you with removing physical clutter.) 

Minimize Social Clutter

Another way to declutter is to turn off distractions or social clutter. This could be things like social media, people, and unhealthy habits. This is still is hard for me. For a long time, I was the reigning “opt in” queen; and I opted into every “I have the answer to your problem” download I could. In the end, I only found myself with more distractions and clutter. Take it from me...not every solution is for you. It just creates more for you to deal with later. 

Alleviate Financial Clutter

Last, but definitely not least, put an end to your financial clutter, which often takes the form of a hemorrhaging bank account. Re-evaluate all those low-cost subscriptions you thought you needed but are now not using. And start closing some unnecessary accounts. You will be surprised at the difference this simple step makes. 

Well, this was just a first step to your “What’s Next?”. Stay tuned for step two!

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