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Mindset is EVERYTHING!

Updated: May 2, 2020

I’m super blessed to have an extremely positive mindset. As a matter of fact, I know it is a God-given gift. I can see the good in most things and love to share that goodness with others. Over the years, I have found my positive mindset to be a great asset when achieving my goals. You see, mindset matters; and I want to share with you just a few practical tips to keep in mind as you move closer to realizing your dreams.

Work your vision!

You know what a vision board is, right? It’s a highly visual format that people use to remind themselves of their goals and dreams. If I were to create an amazing vision board with amazing goals I wanted to achieve in my life, but did not take the steps to realize those goals, the board would be just another well-thought-out collage. If you are to achieve ANYTHING, you’ve got to have a mindset that pushes you to connect your habits and actions to your vision. And do it daily!  

Embrace your superpowers!

So many people suffer with a mindset that says, “I’m not good enough.” But you know what? Each of us is extraordinary at something. We all have superpowers we can tap into to grab hold of our dreams. What are your superpowers? Well...think about what totally gives you life. What things do other people say you do well? What things do you do with ease? Take the time to ask family and friends where they see you shine. Doing a little research on yourself may help alter your mindset for the better and help you focus your “What’s Next?” on what you do best. 

Set your space!

After you have started toward working your vision and have identified your superpowers, you need to create a physical space for your work. Your space doesn’t have to be anything elaborate (so don’t let that be an excuse). It could be a snack table you set up in your living room or in a corner in your bedroom. You simply need a designated place that you will use for creating your “What’s Next?”. Cherish this space and make it your own. Believe it or not, creating space to work your vision helps you maintain a more positive and productive mindset.

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