Are your holidays all over the place? Are you buying double gifts because you didn't document your gift giving? Don't know where the recipes are nor who's coming in town when? Well, this planner is for you. It has every list you can possibly need to plan the perfect holiday gathering.

Here's what's covered:

6 months of undated Monthly/Weekly planning sheets

Christmas card mailing list

Family/Guest travel itinerary log

To do list

Note sheets

Shopping List logs

Christmas checklist

Weekly Countdown Checklist

Essentials Checklist

Individual Gift Planner

Gift Tracker

Gift Idea Register

Stocking Filler list

Christmas Budget Tracker

Christmas Decor Planner

Christmas Inventory List

Christmas Bucket List

Holiday Tradition List

Indoor/Outdoor Decor Planner

Holiday Cleaning Plan

Recipe List

Menu Log

Grocery List

Christmas Eve Planner

Christmas Day Planner


Digital Download - My Ultimate Christmas Planner